Sump Pumps

A Welcome Basement Tennant...

If you have experienced a flooded basement and seen how much damage it can cause, you may already know that a sump pump can be a very important friend to have living in your basement. Just one inch of flooding can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and can take hours to clean up.

If your sump pump is old or not working, it is a good time to replace it. You don't want to be caught without a functioning sump pump when you most need it, unless you have been meaning to put a new water feature in the basement of course.

Strength in Numbers...

We all know that when it rains, it poors which is why it is a good idea to have a backup pump installed. A backup pump will kick in if the power goes off or if your main pump fails to make sure your basement stays dry.

There are two kinds of backup pumps that we service and install:

Battery Backup

Battery backup pumps will kick in if your power or main pump has failed thus allowing the water to continue to rise. Most battery backups also have alarms that will sound if the battery is low. Battery backups are designed to get you through short periods of water elevation if your power or main pump has failed.

Water Powered Backup

Water powered backup pumps can be a great alternative to the battery operated pump, especially for those who are away from home for long periods of time. No electrical power is required to operate the pump, strictly water pressure. A float sensor is installed and once the float has lifted, the system will kick in and cause suction that will pump the water out of your home, just like a battery operated pump will, but without the fear of the battery dying on you or the need to plug the pumps battery in to charge.

Reduce Basement Backups - MSD Program

MSD offers two voluntary programs under our Plumbing Modification Program, to reduce basement backups and remove improper connections to the sewer system. This program has helped many property owners prevent basement flooding, decrease sewer system overflows to our streams and river and improve water quality within Jefferson County. MSD offers this voluntary program, usually at NO CHARGE TO YOU. Click here for more info.