Sewer Service & Repairs

The Trouble with Roots...

Tree Roots

The trees that surround your home can often times be the source of a clogged pipe which can lead to the need of sewer line repair, in fact, they are the number one cause. A tree's root system is constantly searching for moisture and warmth which makes a sewer line a great target for the roots.

Warm air is always circulating in a sewer line which causes water vapor to regularly escape to the surrounding soil. That water vapor attracts the roots of surrounding trees. If the roots find an opening, whether it be a tiny crack or loose joint, that allows the roots to tap into the sewer line and receive constant sustenance. Whether new or old, now sewer pipe is immune to the invasion of roots.

Not Just a Sign...

Warning Signs A couple of warning signs that your sewer lines are having problems are:

  • Your drainage system has started to slow down
  • You have heard a gurgling sound from your toilet bowl
...if you have heard the gurgling sound, that is not just a sign, it is a problem, act now!

Other causes of sewer line problems can include foreign objects that will not dissolve (have to love those kids sometimes), good old fashioned deterioration, age, changes in temperature, ground shifting, and improper installation.

Let us come and inspect your sewer lines and let you know exactly what the problem is and some good forms of prevention.

MSD Financing of Private Sewer Line Replacement

MSD offers a new program that will allow residential sanitary sewer customers to replace their broken or stopped up private sewer line on a monthly, interest free, payment plan. MSD will pay the replacement cost to the approved Master Plumber and will then bill the customer on monthly installments at zero interest. There are no extra payments for this service and it is not part of an insurance program. Any MSD residential sewer customer is eligible.
read the press release | view program flyer

Reduce Basement Backups - MSD Program

MSD offers two voluntary programs under our Plumbing Modification Program, to reduce basement backups and remove improper connections to the sewer system. This program has helped many property owners prevent basement flooding, decrease sewer system overflows to our streams and river and improve water quality within Jefferson County. MSD offers this voluntary program, usually at NO CHARGE TO YOU. Click here for more info.